Defining My Education

Right now, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you can hear millions of high school seniors heaving sighs of relief. It’s the end of the college application season, a time of anxiety and stress for most students, but for me, it was quite different. Being abroad while applying to college gave me serenity […]

The Beauty of Borneo

Three months into my exchange year, I had become slightly complacent. The beauty of Bandung became less interesting and lost the spark it had at the beginning. Seeking something new to rejuvenate my love for Indonesia, an amazing opportunity fell on my lap. Yeni, a former YES student (Indonesian who went to the states for […]

The Delayed Fuse to Joy

My exchange year has not started like I expected, and that is OK I started my journey on Wednesday when I woke up at 5:20 to catch a 7:30 flight at the Greensboro airport. Already not getting great sleep, I flew out of bed, appropriately excited for the experience I was about to have. What […]

National Pre-Departure Orientation

From June 22-25, all 65 of the YES Abroad students going to our respective 13 countries got together in Washington, D.C for National Pre-Departure Orientation. Here, we got prepared in a pleathora of different ways for the upcoming exchange year. The scholarship covers our travel, so I got a ticket out of Greensboro to Dulles. After […]

The Finalist Notification

Picture yourself on a bus, back from a Lacrosse game. You just whooped the opposing team 21-1. Spirits are high, and being a high school junior, there are a thousand different things running through your mind. From School, college, or girls, your mind is very preoccupied. After goofing around with your teammates, you casually check your […]