Joe Faullin

My name is Joe Faullin, and I am The Childish Ambassador.

I am spending my senior year of High School abroad in Indonesia with YES-Abroad. I’m a high school Senior from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, home of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, RJR Tobacco, Hanes Textiles, and Texas Pete Hot Sauce. Although I really love my hometown, I am ready to give up my senior year to have the experience of a lifetime.

I come from a loving household with two parents, Jeff and Elizabeth, and a brother, Jack, who is currently a sophomore at Appalachian State University.

My interest in study abroad started with the trip of a lifetime to Mar Del Plata, Argentina. I was a foreign exchange student there with Northern Hills Bilingual School. There, I learned all the benefits of exchange and was enamored with the idea. Being in a totally different world, having a host family, going to a new school, it all is intriguing to me. After my month abroad, I felt as though I had a clear mind and a more holistic perspective on my future. This fantastic experience allowed me to host my host brother, Juano, back in the United States while I was in school. Seeing both sides of exchange convinced me that this is something I need to pursue, which led to YES Abroad.

I spend much of my free time in a myriad of different activities. Besides the normal school grind during the year, I play lacrosse for my high school which takes up most of the spring. Between workouts, practices, and games, there is little time to be spared. I had a fantastic sports career, with the highlight of going to the Final Four for the Lacrosse state championship!

Music is an integral part of my life. While I am not the best at instruments, I surround myself with music constantly. I follow the artists, break down the lyrics, and attend a great deal of concerts. From Tyler the Creator to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, my love for music is not bound to one genre.

I am a huge fan of anything outside. Hiking, Skiing, you name it and I want to experience it. Being in the beautiful state of North Carolina, I have access to all sorts of landscapes prime for exploration. With the Outdoors club I started at my high school, we went to a lot of these local spots and I had a blast experiencing these adventures with friends.

I hope you can learn more about who I am in the upcoming year through my blog. I’ll leave you with three lesser known facts about me: I can solve a Rubik’s cube, I like to read¬†Bleach, and I shoot film street photography.